Welcome to MyArtist.Life!

(what's led me here, to working for artists like you)

My choice to work with artists and musicians was driven by my belief that only they could change the world…

Frankly, I had loved working in the business world. I had worked with teams in so many countries who, in the 90s, seemed sincere about working through cultural barriers and bringing their strengths together. But then, as globalization exploded, it seemed that corporate visions had become empty slogans and that share value had replaced human values… In the 2000s, my training and consulting career shifted from business strategy to customer care and employee wellness as frontline staff suffered the decisions of global headquarters.

In the meantime, I moved back to Canada and between business trips, started working with local artists. I was running training sessions on how to make money and how to engage with audiences. In working with musicians and artists, I became more creative myself, more conscious of how passion and purpose steer you through uncertainty and incessant change. I got to hear great music too!

It was an easy choice to leave the corporate world behind and focus on music and culture.
I believed and still believe that the business world has a lot to learn from artists and that artists, with a few business hacks and strategic tools, can thrive without losing their artistic integrity!

I was an artist manager for three years and while those years were dense, challenging and exciting, the traditional management relationship went against my core values of artist empowerment. On one hand, I wanted the artists to take full leadership of their careers. On the other hand, when their decisions had an impact on my own pay, it was hard to not want to step in and take control. If you’re in the music business you’ve probably heard stories of artists feeling “owned” by managers or managers feeling frustrated by artists’ choices…

In this day of Internet transparency, artists don’t need managers the way they might have in the past… the DIY Artist is well-served through online platforms for the first stages of their careers.

And yet, the DIY model has its limits as artists begin to expand their fan base and export their music. At one point, emerging artists need to build their teams and accept input from others to grow. And those are the artists I love working with!

This Patreon platform is a way of working together, where you, as artists, stay in control of your artistic and business decisions, but where I can be a resource to you through tips & training, encouragement & answers to your questions.

I can be impartial. Since MyArtist.Life is funded through your artist contributions, I don’t need to answer to funders or sponsors. I can focus my attention on supporting you!

I do believe that artists are the only ones who can save the world today by being a voice for those who’ve been silenced and by creating the sense of community we desperately need. You call out injustice, show us beauty and remind us that hope can wipe out despair!

I don’t think I’m naive in believing that. And in any case, that’s what drives me in wanting to work with you!

Welcome to MyArtist.Life!

I hope you find the inspiration, tips & tools you need to boost your career and thrive as an artist!