Streams of revenue... if you release your own music, you may have royalties waiting for you!

It’s already a daunting task to write, create and record music. And then getting it out there, through a release and distribution is also a big deal when you’re a DIY artist. So if you’ve got that far, it is worth making sure you’re now receiving any of the many royalties and rights attached to a song!

It’s complicated and frankly, it’s not nearly as motivating as creating new works. Yet, these many small streams of revenue can really add up and feed your next projects.

There’s a September 1, 2019 deadline coming up for “Rights Owners” who released works between 1998-2008.
If you released your own music independently, you are not only the songwriter and performing artist, you are also the record label, or “rights owner” (also referred to as Maker, Master Owner…)

And this role opens you up to a number of royalties every time your music is shared on the radio, on streaming services, as background music in a restaurant, etc.

In Canada, you need to sign up with a “collective” who, as their name suggests, collect royalties on your behalf. For Rights Owners, Canadian collectives are SOPROQ, CONNECT and RE:SOUND (which also serves as an umbrella to the other two).

You’ll need to submit your repertoire of works (what songs released, when, where and with whom, etc.) It’s actually pretty straightforward. Once that’s done, you’ll be in the system!

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