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Music is an essential part of the human experience.  
We need your stories & songs to lift us, challenge us, connect us to ourselves and to each other... 

And YOU need money, gigs, growth, fans and opportunities
(and to be able to create, and to have a life...)

Whether you’re a DIY artist or building your team, a solid career plan and impartial business advice
can help you set your direction and reach your goals.

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So let's get to it! I've got your back. We've got each other. 

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This tier is for any artist or musician who wants to boost their career without losing their artistic integrity!

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ARTISTE (Francophone)

Pour $3 par mois

Artistes francophones - c'est avec vous que j'ai commencé et je ne vous lâcherai pas ! En choisissant ce niveau, vous recevrez tous les outils du premier niveau, mais avec ces éléments:

- un "hangout" mensuel en français, sur un horaire qui permet de réunir les artistes de la francophonie des différents continents!

- des adaptations d'outils en français et à la réalité des artistes francophones

Bien sur, les artistes francophiles sont les bienvenus ! Ce niveau est ouvert à tous qui souhaitent, en plus des outils anglais, trouver un espace en français.

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As a creative "ally", you know how much work is done backstage to get the show on the road.

Your support helps me do more to help artists do more to help this world be a better place for you and so many more! Thank you!

This tier will give you access to everything above, as well as:

- A shout out at a monthly Hangout

- A monthly update of MyArtist.Life experiences

- A lot of positive vibes & happy thoughts your way!

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Welcome to MyArtist.Life, a space I've created to help artists get the resources the need to thrive in their careers. I don't have all of the answers - but I promise to share the best tips and tools from 25 years in international business, my MBA courses as a student and trainer, as well as my more recent years at Prairie Mix as an artist manager & mentor for creatives. I hope your find the inspiration, encouragement & exclusive business hacks for artists leave you feeling empowered